VisitorDay FAQ’s

What makes VisitorDay revolutionary?

VisitorDay enables you to create hundreds of unique and relevant websites using best practices of SEO and publishing to significantly increase traffic and revenues. It is the first platform which makes mass development of domains as easy as parking, but more relevant to users which drives revenues.

How does VisitorDay do it?

Rapid Deployment

Our proprietary ‘Grouping’ technology allows for fast and easy set-up and management of an unlimited number of domains. All domains are rapidly populated using the relevant values from their Group(s).

Natural Development

Our patent-pending Publishing features make content development on your domains a very rewarding experience.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Domainers that host their domains with VisitorDay monetize through PPC ads, PPA ads, Direct Advertising, and Article Placement. Publishers get the ability to place their unique articles on relevant properties where they can connect with their readers and increase visibility of their own web sites. Advertisers have the ability to target consumers on these previously unavailable properties with transparent analytics to significantly increase ROI.

Is it easy to create Groups?

Simply name your Group according to your domain(s) topic or theme, enter descriptive information such as keywords, then click a button. It's that simple!

Can I edit my Groups?

You can easily create, modify, or delete Groups.

How many Groups can I create?

There is no limit to the number of Groups you can create or the number of domains you can put into Groups.

How soon does it take for my domains to become live websites?

Immediately after moving your domains into Groups.

Is it easy to modify websites within Groups?

Domain Grouping makes it a breeze to add, modify, or remove websites within your Groups.

What programming skills are needed?

Absolutely NO programming experience or design knowledge is required and there is nothing to download or install. You manage your web sites through a very intuitive interface.

Just in case, does VisitorDay provide instructions?

Step-by-step instructions are available on every page, just look for the question mark at the top right of each page. The VisitorDay User Guide is also available for download.

How do I make money from my websites?

VisitorDay uses a revenue share model. This aligns our goals with your goals, which means we make it our business to make your internet properties more profitable. Currently, our members earn more money than they ever did with parking through the following revenue sources:

PPC Advertising

Like all Parking companies and unlike most Domain Development companies, VisitorDay does not require you to provide your own Google AdSense account. We feature PPC ads using our AdSense account and then share the revenues with you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs enable you to earn incremental income promoting our partners’ products, memberships and services. We don’t require you to create affiliate accounts, as we use our own accounts with major affiliate networks where we are able to secure the most lucrative wholesale deals. We also constantly monitor affiliate campaigns and use a proprietary algorithm to increase their performance.

Content Publishing

Domain owners are paid every time other users such as SEO developers, bloggers, and other domainers place paid content on their domains.

How much money can I make from my sites?

Just how much you make is based on the quality, size and relevence of your portfolio. The more your sites become visible to search engines, the more traffic they get, the more money you make. It’s that easy.

How does VisitorDay get traffic to my websites?

Each unique multi-page website you create is automatically optimized for the major search engines and filled with keyword focused content pulled from either established news and social sources or populated by Visitor Day Publishers. Websites are updated constantly eliminating duplicate content from appearing on web pages. Since each website is focused on a particular topic and is well-optimized – Visitor Day sites rank extremely well within the search engines.

I own top-notch domains containing very competitive keywords. How can VisitorDay help me?

We provide you with industry-leading, scalable development tools. Using our platform you can optimize and manage all your domains using a very intuitive interface. If you start sharing your thoughts, opinions, and comments regularly, the search engines will generally reward unique and relevant content that enhances user experience and improves organic search results. Publishers will also post their unique content on the highest quality websites.

We also provide custom development for our clients. Our solution includes site design, content management, SEO optimization, advertising placement. Please contact us for more information.

How do I get my sites hosted at

Just login where you have your domain names registered and change the nameservers to:

How long does it take for my web sites to go live?

It really depends on your registrar. After you've forwarded the nameservers on your domains to VisitorDay’s nameservers, allow anywhere from 2-24 hours for your sites to be online.

What browsers are compatible with sites? websites are compatible with IE 6.0, IE 7.0, Firefox 2.0x, (PC & Mac), Firefox 3.0 (PC & Mac), Chrome, Opera and Safari.

How do I get started adding my domains?

Sign-up for your FREE account. After which you will be directed to your Dashboard page where you will find menu links to adding your domains.

Please note that Visitor Day will provide FREE Set Up and Optimization for all domains added to our system before October 1, 2010 as a thank you to all our Beta testers. Thank you!

How do I pay for my domains?

Still looking for a catch? Unlike most other Domain Development solutions, Visitor Day service is completely FREE!

How am I paid?

On 15th of each month we make payments to all our members through their PayPal accounts. Please note that the gross period is 45 days and minimum payout is $20.00


These are just a few of VisitorDay's automatic features

  • Exclusive Domain Grouping technology enables you to instantly create an unlimited number of unique, keyword focused, content rich, professional looking websites for your domains.
  • NO programming experience or design knowledge is required and there is nothing to download or install.
  • Websites are optimized for the major search engines and filled with keyword focused content pulled from established news, image, video, and social sorurces.
  • Websites are updated constantly eliminating duplicate content from appearing on your web pages, which keeps your sites indexed in the major search engines.
  • Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of creating and selecting options for your websites.
  • Websites are completely customizable with options for adding affiliate revenue streams, selling your domains, adding articles, and much, much more.
  • Websites include Home, Contact Us, and Archives links in your Main Menu.
  • Automatically generates 3 page websites, although you can easily add more pages. Site Title, Site Description, Main Page Title, and Top Menu, Logo, Logo Text, and Side Menu Links are automatically generated.

Additional options that generate return visits from each user:

  • Change/add/edit relevant site keywords to aid in SEO.
  • Use your own or Private Label Rights (PLR) articles to add content to your website.
  • Change website colors and templates.
  • Each site contains 3 Google Adsense ads and Adsense Search Box.
  • Secure Contact page so visitors can get in touch with you. This page contains a form that a visitor can use to fill out and send to you.
  • Sell Your Domains feature enables you to list your domains for sale.
  • Built-in robots.txt control the actions of search engine spiders.
  • No two websites you create have the same content and keywords.
  • Website content is updated constantly eliminating duplicate content from appearing.
  • Each site features relevant keywords to attract relevant content.
  • Easily edit Site Title, Site Description, Index Page Title, and Top Menu and Side Menu Links.
  • Meta tags are automatically generated on each page to aid in SEO.